Voxpay TPE/POS

Acceptez la carte bancaire partout et sans terminal de paiement physique, ni d'application à installer.

Trigger the sending of email or SMS, or make an outgoing call on your customer's smartphone or phone to get paid.

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Voxpay POS allows you to collect a payment or a deposit during a home sale, at a customer site, at a show, following a cash-on-delivery shipment, etc.

Voxpay tpe

Without Equipment or application

A simple Internet browser will allow your sellers and sales representatives to initiate a payment request anytime and anywhere

Without Internet

Your customer's terminal does not receive 3G or 4G. No worries, choose the outgoing call payment process. A machine will call your customer to ask for their bank account details.


Vos contacts peuvent être réticents à l’idée de communiquer leurs coordonnées bancaires au téléphone. Quelque soit le mode de saisie choisi, aucune coordonnées bancaire n’est affichée au téléopérateur. Mettre en confiance vos contacts au moment de payer n’a jamais été aussi simple.

PCI-DSS solution

Whatever the remote payment process chosen, the Voxpay solution is PCI-DSS certified, for transactions carried out in complete security.

Subscription - Tokenization

Once the bank account details have been received via one of the Voxpay secure channels, you can initiate direct debits from your customers. Voxpay takes care of everything.


En fonction de la cinématique de paiement choisie, activez l'option 3D-Secure. Le 3D Secure ajoute un niveau de sécurité supplémentaire en demandant à l acheteur de fournir un mot de passe avant de finaliser sa transaction en ligne.

Integrated with all payment systems and banks

The flexibility of Voxpay allows you to use your existing bank or payment partner. Voxpay is connected to most banks and payment service providers. Full integration of our solution with your customer's payment API is also possible


Monitor your turnover and distribution by sales representative in real time.

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