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Encaissez facilement avec notre lien de paiement omnicanal directement connecté à votre banque ou PSP

Trigger a payment request by generating a payment link in one click. Share this payment link by Email, SMS, Messenger, chat, etc. And view the stages of the transaction in real time. Never lose contact with your customers.

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Assisted payment link

The ideal omni-channel remote payment solution that allows you to stay in touch with your customer during payment and ensure that you collect from the transaction.

You view in real time the steps to enter your customer's bank account details, and you can therefore assist your customer throughout the payment procedure.


Create a secure payment link from our API or from your back office. Simply enter <strong>the amount, phone number, or email of your customer</strong> ! And the request is made!

Email pay by link Amount Phone Number Reference USD 45.00 +33 6 12 34 56 78 Ref-642686 Submit 'Accept: application/json''Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxx''Content-Type: application/json''{ "cinematic_id": 8, "amount": 10, "currency": "EUR" }' curl -X POST \ http://api.voxpay.fr/payments \ -H \ -H \ -H \ -d


Our cloud solution is certified for the highest level of security by card issuers (Visa, Mastercard, Amex). (PCI-DSS Level 1)

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Support your customer during the payment process, and make sure to collect the money. You monitor and control the transaction status in real time.

19.00 € Campaign Default Campaign Reference Ref. 12345 + See more Card number Expiration date CVV 100% secure payment Pay 99,00 USD 4012 •••• •••• 1112 Ref. 123456 Amount 99.00 USD CVV 4012 •••• •••• 1112 Entering date Payment form displayed Card Number Valid Entering CVV Bank Validation


The content of the messages, the senders, as well as the payment page presented to customers are fully customizable to your brand and your colors.

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Multi-Bank, Multi-PSP

Voxpay is compatible with most banks and payment service providers. Our universal API allows you to interconnect with most payment systems.

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