Hotel activity, travel agency, tour operator Collect payment from your customers during the telephone conversation.

Is a customer calling you to make a reservation? Collect the amount for the down payment or the stay by integrating the voxpay payment module during the conversation. A transaction in complete confidentiality, with the assurance of a reserved stay.

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Simplify payment for reservations

Both simpler for you and more confidential for the customer, our voice payment module integrates by API with ease to your current software and your telephone infrastructure.

IVR mode

In this mode, you redirect the call to the voice payment server. Your contact is then guided by an IVR through the various steps to enter the bank account details using his phone keypad. You monitor the progress of the payment process on the interface while being able to take back the call at any time.

Assistance mode

You can initiate the various steps for the entry of the bank account details from the interface, orally guiding your customer who, following your instructions, carries out the process in complete confidentiality (contact details, expiration date, and cvv code are encrypted on the interface).

Web payment link mode

You can send an SMS or an Email to your customer containing a payment link. The customer is then redirected to a web payment interface. During the entire procedure for entering bank account details, you monitor the progress of the transaction in real time.

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PCI-DSS solution

Whatever the remote payment process chosen, the voxpay solution is PCI-DSS certified, for transactions carried out in complete security.

abonnement tokenisation carte

Subscription - Tokenization

Once the bank account details have been received via one of the Voxpay secure channels, you can initiate direct debits from your customers. Voxpay takes care of everything.

3DS, 3D-Secure


Depending on the payment process chosen, activate the 3D-Secure option. 3D-Secure adds an extra level of security by asking the buyer to provide a password before finalizing their online transaction.

VAD account of your choice

The flexibility of voxpay allows you to use your existing bank or payment partner. Voxpay is connected to most banks and payment service providers.

Tailor-made back office interface

With your dedicated interface on our platform, monitor transactions, call outcomes, and all the statistics useful to your business.

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