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La solution de paiement idéale des commerçants. Acceptez vos paiements CB partout et sans matériel

The ideal payment solution for merchants Accept your payment card payments anywhere and without equipment

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Turn your phone into a POS

With or without Internet connection, here or elsewhere, collect from a payment card. Voxpay offers you different payment scenarios depending on your situation.

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Your SMS initiates a call to our voice POS

We dedicate an SMS model to send to your contact, initiating a call to our secure voice POS. This contact is then guided by an IVR and enters his bank account details with the keys on his keypad to make the payment.

Web payment platform

If your contact has an Internet connection, your SMS can integrate a redirect link to our web payment platform, customized to your company image. An alternative to payment on voice server.

A very functional POS

Our mobile POS is also a backup tool <strong> for users of physical POS (deliverers, etc.) </strong> who may lack Internet connection or have a technical problem with their physical POS.

PCI-DSS solution

Whatever the remote payment process chosen, the Voxpay solution is PCI-DSS certified, for transactions carried out in complete security.

Subscription - Tokenization

Une fois les coordonnées bancaires réceptionnées via un des canaux sécurisés Voxpay, vous pouvez initier des prélèvements sur vos clients. Voxpay s occupe de tout.


En fonction de la cinématique de paiement choisie, activez l option 3D-Secure. Le 3D Secure ajoute un niveau de sécurité supplémentaire en demandant à l acheteur de fournir un mot de passe avant de finaliser sa transaction en ligne.

VAD account of your choice

Host your bank's VAD account at Voxpay to receive transfers immediately, or to integrate your payment system.

Mobile App

A mobile application for smartphone or tablet is available to you so that you can easily initiate a payment request and monitor the history of your transactions.

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